• 27 September 1988: Oversea Services and Construction Company

Managed more than 13,000 employees, construction workers working in Bulgaria, Russia, Czech, the former Soviet Union, and Iraq.


  • 10 August 1991: Vietnam Construction, Import - Export Corporation

Operated in the field of import - export, and labor export.


  • 20 November 1995: Vietnam Construction and Import - Export Corporation

Operated in a wide range of business areas, including construction (civil and industrial construction, infrastructure, water supply and drainage, and environment, etc.); import and export of (both construction and other) machinery, equipments, and materials; sending laborers to work overseas within short term; investment in other economic sectors;


  • 1 December 2006: Vietnam Construction and Import - Export Joint stock Corporation

Was the first state-owned corporation to implement the Government's pilot equitization program. Operated in a wide range of business areas, such as property development, construction, consultancy service for investment - design and planning survey, import and export of (both construction and other) machinery, equipments, and materials, industrial production and construction materials, expert and labor export.


  • 5 September 2008: VINACONEX's share (code VCG) listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange

To date, VINACONEX manages more than 40 subsidiary companies and affiliates, contributes capital in 5 joint venture companies and 14 affiliates in various business areas nationwide. VINACONEX employs more than 40,000 well-trained and experienced engineers, experts and workers.


Along with the long-term business development, VINACONEX will focus on two main business areas: property development and construction, which are strengths and competitive advantages of the corporation. Besides that, VINACONEX also continues engaging in other business areas together with subsidiary companies, affiliates, and joint venture companies, such as industrial production and construction materials, design consultancy, labor export, trading service, financial investment, education and training, and other fields.



  • 11 January 2019: The Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting

     After the State completed divestment in VINACONEX in December 2018, VINACONEX held the Extraordinary         Shareholders' Meeting to replace 7/7 members of the Board of Directors and 5/5 members of the Supervisory           Board for the 2017-2022 term.


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